Saturday, 9 July 2022

Modern Fieldism - Prototyping A New Memetic Infection

I was thinking by publishing this in the public domain I should be able to prevent anyone from patenting any of the ideas (contained herein) as they could be extraordinarily disruptive. Although, this could also cause problems because now literally anyone will be able to do what they like (much more fun?)

I thought I'd create my own, modular, belief system (will take a while to cover all the ideas and observations) goes like this -

Statement - The information field contains all knowledge in the universe (past and present) (ref - Science and the Akashic Field)

Why do I think this? The idea has lurked amongst religions etc forever it's nothing new. The book quoted above makes a genius attempt to convert the concept into something scientific. Although, loads of people scream "pseudoscience". It's my view the only real science (any discipline) is something which can be effectively monetised. For example - cold fusion must be (currently) untrue as no one is making any money out of it (could also be disruptive and withheld (suppressed) obviously). As with anything, the more one ponders the more exceptions become apparent i.e. I could sell Holy Water on Amazon and make money (presumably) so a memetic infection might also be monetised. In ancient times (even now but less so) this played a much bigger role economically - How could I separate a memetic infection from a scientific fact (I/we know (in reality) there aren't any scientific facts because everything is an approximation in flux awaiting better maths or a better theory- Only God knows the facts! Here we've succinctly defined the difference between mortal man and God)  I feel very lucky as I think I have a pretty good link to the field? (if it exists!!) If someone asks me to do something complicated the thoughts bubble around in "my brain" for a bit and then I get presented an answer. Not because I'm, in anyway, clever but because I've received an answer back / I don't really need to meditate either as usually ideas will surface during the night or when I'm in the shower. Wi-Fi disrupts the connection i.e. I keep routers running around (bedroom and above/below bedroom) me else I find I'm prone to information over-saturation! - Which can be quite annoying/disconcerting!

Statement - Humans are connected to the information part of the field - Animals aren't (maybe they aren't connected at all, other than for storing all the actions / chemistry / biology / physics an individual animal does!)

The human brain controls the human body but the sentience / intellect / memory is remote. Or variations thereof (doesn't really matter). Without a field connection we become cows or sheep.  It's like the Matrix only not the Matrix - It's like Stadia only not Stadia, but more like stadia as only minimum computing is done in the brain - Most is conducted remotely in the subjects personal field "segment" or "hologram" as described in the book. The brain is a multiplex transponder tuned in to the field. Perhaps we have some degree of autonomy - Defining this autonomy accurately could be difficult as you'd have to sever the connection with something we don't (in the least bit) understand completely.

Someone (God?) licensed us (Humans). This is the crux of where we're going with this. The field is really the galactic internet of everything. To gain access a creature/species/entity has to be "licensed". If this is true then there are different levels of license i.e. Newton, Einstein, Fred Bloggs etc So how can we make money out of this? If we explore (extrapolate) the premise then (potentially) machines and drugs, genetics also could be built/formulated/designed to improve/upgrade someone's field connection. Because, I've now described the concept you cannot patent a device, drug, genetic modification or anything else to achieve similar? Primordial evidence might be drugs like LSD and the effect they have on peoples creativity - In this context we could call these chemical/mechanical devices "Field bandwidth wideners". They may also alow different levels (areas) of access.

What's missing though? i.e. if we give a Chicken bucket loads of LSD it doesn't write Shakespeare or Abbey Road. So how do/would you licence a creature? (or widen the connection beyond the effects of current hallucinogens perhaps ~ not upgrading the license, more overclocking the connection!) If you could find a way then you could sell it.. πŸ’₯😁 Could you license a machine? This would/could be the ultimate AI... A superfast machine with an unencumbered field connection would know anything/everything instantly?

Back to organic creatures again, lets consider the physicality of licensing the link - A field module (additional part of the brain like a whole satellite module in a TV) wouldn't be a very elegant solution. Occum’s Razor - Much more likely to be a software upgrade / decryption algorithm for a pre-existing bit of hardware. Once licensed the creature then evolves rapidly into something different (us) 

What would prompt an entity (God / Alien) to license a species (to a specific level) and why only one per planet? Presumably a few get licensed and the best one deselects the rest? The payback method is interesting - Could be simply expansion of civilization (usable labour) throughout space. Could be they need a certain defined level of technological/physical assets at a given location. Could be even more sinister.

Odd "paranormal" events this theory might explain - The one I like the most is ghosts! Ghosts could be the fields (glitching) attempt to handshake with a former physical unit. If we consider a lonely (isolated hologram) with no other newer holograms (generations of family and relations) "obscuring" it's connection then it could simply go through the motions of reconnection - The "ghost" we see is the physical manifestation of a reconnection attempt. Possession could be an accidental reconnection to the wrong body. Mind reading etc would simply be someone's ability to position (collide even) their hologram in interference mode with another hologram very rapidly i.e. in the space of meeting them / as opposed to the natural gravitation of holograms which would occur, progressively, through various stages boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, children, family relations where people eventually get to know what opposite halves / immediate close family are thinking / going to do as their respective holograms naturally gravitate together / interact / overlap / interfere. 

Could we then explain remote viewing? Couple of way this could happen - I'd probably prefer the case where the field points the observer to the hologram (person/entity) who originally experienced the event (i.e. volcano on Mars or similar) However, because all events are stored in the field it could be the remote viewer actually reads/interprets raw event data.

Could we explain Alien implants? There's a chance we'll never understand how (mechanism) the human brain communicates with the field (we may not need to understand this) - The easiest way (cheat) to design a machine to comunicate could be using a man/machine interface (cyborg). The machine piggybacks off the human connection.To overcome the individual connection limitations the implants act together like a giant botnet. The implant is connected via a tissue mass which alters the body chemisty (think LSD again) to "overclock" the connection!! In assence the Alien's are acting, in a paresitic fashion, to harvest the human field connection. This could be a very effective "full understanding" work-around - Implies the Aliens aren't that much more advanced than us? 

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Magicnetic Tape Machine Frenzy

Realised I haven't posted anything for ages. Since finishing the last college course I've been loosing myself in a crazy (ancient) gadget buying frenzy! I bought a couple of VCR's for the Halucinarium, one of which (rather tasty Toshiba front loading unit) I donated to a family member and the other (Funai) I kept for old times sake. I've been buying VHS tapes on ebay / watching them on big screens (bit crazy really) Actually, I even play the VHS, DVD, Bluray, (maybe) UHD bluray and stream the same film all at once! Precisely why everyone should have a ten screen Halucinarium..!

Quick catchup of other machines i've acquired over the last few months -

1 off Philips DCC player This is a project machine - Can't get it working yet despit changing all the wear parts. Speaking with Dr DCC hasn't helped so far.

1 off 8 track player - This is a really beautiful machine - I cleaned all the dust out, cleaned the head set the azimuth, restored the wooden case and bought quite a few 8 track tapes! (in total I've probably spent more on 8 track than any other media in the last year) - I also bought a set of speakers especially for this as it has onboard amp and FM tuner etc.

1 off Gen 5 iPod classic - Another ongoing project this - Bought a clear case and click wheel / replaced the battery / installed Rockbox / bought a battery player thingy for it / attempted to replace the HD with a solid state board and 256 gig SD card combo but doesn't work yet - Also can use this in the 3d cinema (Walkinarium) as the old bluray surround system has a dock.

Sony - Discman (1992) / portable MD player / Cassette Walkman = I've obtained examples of all these - The cassette walkman has new belts / cleaned heads etc bought The Cult Electric (my all time fave album) on cc tape! Bought a Bjork album on MD etc.

Nakamichi cassette deck (1979 - 1982) - Yes, that's right I finally got a pristine example (so chuffed) - I wanted VU meters and something I could keep going 'till I peg it so I went for a two head manual azimuth (quite simple mechanism) - This machine is stonking tbh so good I'm not going to take it apart myself (amazingly) instead It's being shipped off for a full service, recap if needed and prof restoration.

Always wanted a Furguson Videostar top-loading VCR but can't get one and I don't think I would buy one now as I've managed to get a Panasonic (1979). The machine has been used a couple of times and does have a few scratches etc. However, It came in it's original packaging with instructions and wired remote. The only problem is the unit weighs 18 kg's and it smells mouldy so the boss won't let me bring it in the house. I'm going to take this apart myself / clean and fill with bounce to get rid of the odour! Think it will need new belts etc / not tested yet. Put all the packaging into long term storage.

Decided, I need to do something to stop me buying all this stuff so I'm going back to study AI - Not sure where yet though (been accepted on a course) - The why bit is I'm interested in how we've failed so miserably to get this cracked IMHO Google and Alexa are completely stupid. I’ve got to quickly learn Python, R and some other stuff.

Standby for images and video on all the above / this post will evolve over the next few days, weeks.

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Zombie Mode - MTU's and the disintegration of everything (well almost)

This mindset is apparently called prepping! :) I think it really means "being prepared" (Or can one perpetually prepare?) Semantics aside, I decided to buy a generator - Mostly as someone we know says gas is in short supply! = Won't be long and they'll switch off the electric to stop the gas mains emptying out etc Anyway, I decided sitting in the dark like a hairy cave dweller doesn't fit well with our plans for living in the future! Enter the -

BΓΆhmer-AG 6500W-E Petrol Generator 2.8Kw 12V DC Output Electric Key Start Outdoor 3.4 kVA 8Hp 4-Stroke OHV Engine with 2 UK 240V sockets..



Reviews are a bit mixed but I had a really good price £174.99 so thought it could be worth a go. First thing to go wrong was it got delivered to our new neighbours who I'm pretty sure (up until this point) were thinking we're quite normal! Now they think we're preppers! (obviously we're not - we're simply being prepared lol) Generator has been sat around for a while and yesterday I thought I'd better see if it works, so I went out to get some good old super unleaded and a bottle of fuel stabiliser (makes the petrol last for 2 years apparently) After driving around half of Wales I managed to get the stupid 100 ml bottle of stabiliser (must be the last one in the whole principality!) Next, I filled the generator up with a litre of engine oil (seems to take loads of it) and the second thing to go wrong was the 400 ml surplus leaked out through the air-filter all over the garage floor!! πŸ˜† Disaster!!


With the garage now in full Exon Valdez / Amoco Cadiz mode one battled on regardless, carefully washing the air-filter sponge thingy in fuel stabilised 99 Ron super unleaded ~ which seemed unusually acrid and resulted in a somewhat mysterious sponge-substance deformation! Pah, thought I'd better phone a friend - Me bro said I needed to get the rest of the surplus oil out the engine (or it would knacker immediately) so I tipped the unit back the other way and used the air-filter cover (as a tray) to capture the oil as it tipped out (clever eh?)  (forgetting this had carefully disguised slots in ~ meaning said floor transitioned further into a Gulf of Mexico scale ecological nightmare!) Might be worth mentioning, thus far, things weren't really going according to plan! πŸ‘€

Eventually, several kitchen rolls later, the situation became marginally less apocalyptic and I reached the point where starting the engine (without blowing anything up) seemed plausible - So I did!! 

This generator isn't quiet - Rang me bro again and asked him why so noisy? He reckoned it was because I was a (expletive) and besides it was a very cheap Chinese motor - Little bit of an unreasonable assertion I'd say! πŸ˜’

The smoke in the garage was getting pretty bad (didn't seem very healthy either!) and the vibration was shaking the house. Eventually the boss, smoked out of her nest, proceeded to stand behind me (couldn't hear her then, although she has mentioned it several times since!) shouting and screaming like a demented banshee! I demonstrated to her how amazing our new self-sufficient power generation unit was by powering up an old pedestal fan in an (slightly desperate) attempt to disperse the oil / petrol fumes - Several hours later the smoke even vacated the house! - And everything reverted back to happy normality (How these fumes travel through solid brick walls is anyone's guess!)



Monday, 30 August 2021

Goliath, Ishbi-benob, Saph (or Sippai), Lahmi, Exadactylos

I'm quite interested in theology (anything ancient and obscure / actually I can't really think of anything i'm not really interested in!!) - Spent an hour or two this morning researching Goliath to see whether anything says he had two rows of teeth, six fingers and to determine his lineage. Info seems really messy tbh plus Kaspersky was kicking off left right and centre -> Making this subject matter quite difficult to suss without getting infected with something nasty. Firefox crashed at one point then Kaspersky alerted some strange potential threat or another.

Consensus is Goliath did have six fingers - I find this extraordinarily interesting because if you look at X-Rays of people with six fingers (from an engineering viewpoint) a lot of them have a fully functional "thought out" skeletal structure meaning genetically there has to be a full schematic for this stored in our DNA somewhere (might be a bit flaky as doesn't always work faultlessly). Then from a computational viewpoint people afflicted thus have no trouble controlling their extra digits - This has been studied properly (reference) and reading more poses the obvious question ~ do we (in fact) have (unlimited?) surplus capability for the control of additional appendages? 

Then determining Goliaths lineage and the names of his four brothers(?) - Here the fourth is usually unnamed although I liked the name Exadactylos (paper linked above). Although, having said, It would seem more appropriate for them to be brothers (fits nicely with the five stones David planned to kill them with etc) rather than two brothers and three sons.

"Interestingly, the book of Samuel refers to five stones that David carefully selected for his sling from the nearby stream, and further reading of the surrounding passages shows that David’s relatives were all involved in the deaths of the other giants in Goliath’s family. There can be other interpretations for this and various types of symbolism, but it appears likely that several giants may have been from Goliath’s family"

Get out there being "other giants" - Again quoted from  >>>here<<<

Looks like Goliaths mother had four sons (not five) so more confusion really i.e. Google says -

"In rabbinic literature, Orpah is identified with Herse, the mother of the four Philistine giants, one of whom was Goliath. These four sons were said to have been given her for the four tears which she shed at parting with her mother-in-law"

So who is the mother i.e. Orpah or Herse (Harafa even?) or are they (most likely) all one and the same?

Then more confusion with his father as Chilion was Orpah's husband although he died (in Moab) and Orpah (reading between the lines) then took many men the result being giant son(s) numbering either two, four or five depending on interpretation.

My plan is to continue researching this - Bought this book and once read will likely further more by studying Og also...

Saturday, 14 August 2021

M303, Poco X3, Swift Sport Hybrid and the Property Portfolio.

The aforementioned pure maths course really was quite challenging, somehow scraped it (thank goodness!!) so thinking about what to pit myself against next. Current inclination being to cast aside any further aspirations of academia and (alternately) refocus all resources on impending retirement and the funding thereof. As such I've been viewing houses, flats and spending hours on rightmove with a view to building a property portfolio! Not sure if I'll be any good at this but why not? You can't buy endless toys and gadgets if you haven't got any cash!! So, prime-directive = get houses, get cash!

In the mean time I dumped the Fiat and bought myself a Swift Sport Hybrid. I used to have a 136 bhp Swift Sport (6?) years ago and it was loads of fun. This new one is only 129 bhp with a laptop booster battery under the passenger seat / nowhere near as much fun! I was so disappointed with it I went back to the garage and shook on an older petrol one (2019) which I think develops closer to 140 brake. Way better than mine (it was red though). Actually, if you're reading this in the colonies you'll likely be thinking how could 140 bhp be fun let alone 129. Well, the secret is weight - These suckers are all around (or less) than the one m.ton mark. Power to weight is extremely good. Anyway, the Swift is being manufactured in Japan again now so the build on the Hybrid is very good. However, the gearbox and the steering are both horrible (Suzuki gearboxes are generally dreadful anyway) So in total this iteration has - Lost it's power, steers like poop, noisy as hell (expect this as it's so light) and changes gear like a pig! lol

I bottled (never reneged on a handshake before in my life and still feel guilty) Perspective being - The whole worlds on fire from the Siberian tundra to the Ozzy outback and half of Yankland too so really I should do my bit to save the planet etc (50 mpg). Besides, I can get the Hybrid overclocked to 150 bhp for a couple of quid (haven't done it, but might have a go in a few years once the warranty expires!)

Next the Poco X3 – Well me phone is me life these days so I need juice! Experimentally opted for ChowMein (Xiaomi) Mi 8 previously (128/6) but this Poco is sub £200 buckpounds and packs 256/8 so runs like a dream! Can’t believe how good these ChowMein’s are! – Neither can anyone else as most of the people in work have them now also. Should mention I run the full version of Kaspersky on it and it perpetually scan clean - Unlike the Doogee T6 Pro I had a few years back. And best of all the Poco sports a headphone socket!! :)

Monday, 31 May 2021

My Fusor, starmode, and a fractelised tungsten super surface...

Not much time for this as I'm currently stuck doing loads of mock maths exams ~ in a desperate bid to get a score above 40% {My fault as I decided for a laugh (spurred on by a B in "Geology") to take on a third year maths course with no (not enough) prior experience in the "field" = No pun intended :) }

Anyway, I was in the other "field" t'other day dreaming about the aforementioned "fractelised" tungsten grid and ruminating 'bout the bosses view on burning deutrium and the whole home made reactors in the garage thing etc when it occured to me I needed to get a higher surface area tungsten grid. Sadly, one of the reasons I engaged in this maths course was because I'm really interested in cryptography and fractals (using the "latex" thing in Libre office is something I could have done without though!) - Both of which (we're told anyway) aren't going to appear in this years exam..(Doh!) But a "fractelised" tungsten grid appeared to me in my field dream (lol = oh dear I'm getting too old to write anything without getting tangentially diverted)

Back on track... (lot of this stuff is because I know I'll forget if I don't record it)

LDAC is good (if you're outside / not in our house as way too much interference) and Chinese IEM's are really good - I don't mind the fact you can't mess with the frequencies (Sony have locked it like they did with SACD and the signature does seem quite flat) but the best phone based setup I’ve discovered thus far is this...(if you're lacking a headphone socket and want a lossless bluetooth solution)

(By way of experimentation I've spent a small fortune on different earpieces / headphones etc over the last few months - yet this really is surprisingly cheap!!)

Android phone with LDAC support. (I've not tried the other option LHDC yet!)

Fiio BTR3K (dual AKM's with separate crystal oscillators gives a really smooth sound) no good for big cans with the standard headphone socket though (not loud enough for me) brilliant for walking outside (variable results inside) First job = flash the sucker up to the latest firmware! 😎

Famedy dual driver IEM's with MMCX detachable / upgradeable cable. 

Now the IEM's can be customised with memory foam tips and an upgraded cable. I've not put memory foam tips on ~ but I have bought a 2.5 mm yinyoo balanced MMCX cable as both Cowon and Fiio have balanced outputs (Fiio goes from 25 mw standard to 75 mw with balanced = big juice increase!) Cable arrives on Wednesday so I'll enjoy having a play with it.. 

Alexa is telling me there's been a breakthrough in fusion reactors so I'm off, catch you post invasion!πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘½πŸ‘Ύ

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Cowon Plenue D2 Vs Sony Nw-A105 16GB Walkman

Been meaning to get a new DAP (to replace the Cowon S9 mentioned in a post below) for a little bit and as Magnus is still settling down (burning in really - the only change I've made since the original build was to fit a bigger M2 boot drive ~ replacing the Sunbow). My plans to upgrade PSU, cooling and memory this Christmas being nullified by a good old dose of "the virus" which has pretty much knackered me for days!


So Christmas was upon us and I dutifully unwrapped my shiny Sony Nw-A105 which is the same as the 40th anniversary A100 only cheaper (was £199 when we bought it) as it doesn't have the funky Walkman case. Now I could probably talk about this for hours (but I won't) 

Here are the original ingredients -

Sony Nw-A105 16GB Walkman

Shure SRH 440E 

Sony  WH-CH710N

 and finally -

Note:- The 900N's are actually an appalling set of headphones as the bass is so monstrous I find it (quite often) induces bursts of uncontrollable laughter ~ which is why I've kept them (so far!!))

Right to the point - The Sony Walkman sounds dreadful (there's a horribly granular something going on) It could't really power the Shure cans at all using the standard headphone jack. I doubt this jack is capable of powering any wired headphones to the EU db limit - Sony have deliberately hobbled the amp and there's nothing you can do to reverse it - Because the player is android (I tried setting region to Hong Kong etc but nothing works) rather than Sony's usual linux OS.


Why does it sound so horrible? Once my 900N's turned up I started to think (for about a day) I would keep the player as the LDAC does work to fix some of the sound problems (mostly by throwing so much bass at it you can't hear anything else) Smooths it out a bit and adds more volume. However, it's as though the android system is taking too much of the system resources and the player is physically struggling to process the music files properly. (Presumably this couln't be true?)

Note:- I'm talking here about Thriller 25 anniversary gold disk edition (good to test as we know every note) - Them Crooked Vultures and Porgy and Bess ripped to FLAC (somewhere around 1050 kbps) using Exact Audio Copy. I tried loads of different types of music ripped to different file types and compression levels. There were FLAC files the Sony refused to play (weirdly) which was quite annoying (these were ripped using CDex to 900 odd kbps)

This review really only uses the three albums though.

Right so you deserve some explanation and here it is - If you put Scumbag Blues (even a crappy 320 kbps MP3 version) onto the Cowon S9 and play it there's no way in a million years you'd drift off thinking about painting the shed or washing the car! Nope, there's something borderline demonic in the S9's delivery. something crazy and untethered. Next try listening to the same song a few more times and strangely you're not thinking about the washing, the ironing, or mowing the snow! Nope, all you're thinking is you can't wait for it to finish so you can play it again! And that's what listening to music should be like! Somehow Sony (android?) have ripped the heart out of 105's musical delivery ~ they've destroyed it's very soul. I can more or less guarantee you could play "Scumbag Blues" on the Sony, sip some Horlicks, and drift off to sleep within seconds! 

The Sony was packed back up and despatched back to Amazon. And,,, I very nearly sent the 900N's back as well....(Only they still make me chuckle!)

Yesterday, the Cowon Plenue D2 turned up. "It's" strange really as Cowon don't do sensitive or aesthetic - Everything they do is function spiced with an engaging (addictive) kind of brutality => you really have to witness this for yourself, then, once you're infected there can be no going back.

 I switched the D2 on and selected one of the three options namely I don't live in the European union (which I suppose is the truth now! :) )  

Scumbag Blues (using crystal clear) - Words really can't describe the delivery (OK I'll give it a go!) <=> it's as though Echo herself poured some juice of the Gods over every single one of the D2's transistors, aiding and abetting the perfect delivery of each microscopic detail of analogue beauty into the (somewhat crappy) 900N's.

If man has ever made a perfect machine then this is it!

And I have my new DAP!! :)